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Ancestral Women's Lament

Posted on 17 April, 2017 at 18:05 Comments comments (0)

Sinking ever deeper into multi-dimensional timelines she channels the pain, the hurt, the deep woundings of millions of women, women who for eons have wept their soul lament within, deeply buried, hidden beneath layers upon layers of strength and exhaustion. To all my sisters, we gift to you the freedom to just be, the freedom of expression, the freedom to grieve and the freedom of release. May you find joy within. May you find peace within. May you take strength from our Ancestors and each other. Be bold. be beautiful. Be your authentic selves. Be love. Love yourselves and one another. I love you. We love you.

I stand in my power. I share with you my heart, my soul as I lay it bare for all to hear, channelling the oldest versions of myself from lifetimes past, blending and weaving voice with drum and flute and percussion instruments and pure love, heartbreak, laughter, joy and tears, sending out healing.


Let me take you on a journey beyond journeys on the wind of my breath, on the exhalation of my truths, as boundless, as ancient, as old as Mother Time herself.

Darlings. Be bold. Be courageous. Be beautiful. Be your authentic selves. Be LOVE.

I see you. 

℗©Faye Bradbury. You may not reproduce, copy, or use any part of my sounds or tracks without my express and written permission. There may be a small fee for using my work as well as accreditation to me as the artist. Thank you.

Me, my voice, my flute,,, fully exposed

Posted on 13 April, 2017 at 15:35 Comments comments (0)

So, this was my first ever mess around with my voice and Native American style flute made by our lovely Phil Hutton, friend and missed. I did this in February. It is utterly imperfect; there are a couple of mistakes that have me wincing...big time... lol; and took me a lot of courage to make public... but maybe by exposing my flaws it will assist others to just go for the things that make their hearts sing... imperfect or not.

Be gentle! Be bold. Be your authentic selves. Be love.


Beautiful new drum

Posted on 29 March, 2017 at 7:45 Comments comments (0)

I just birthed this beautiful 18" red deer/elk drum, strung with fake sinew in order that it keep its voice for longer in our damp climes. It has my signature dream weaves on it, helping with expression. This one also has a Spirit bell. Comes with a lovely beater. Has a deep resonance. Orange ribbons connecting to the sacral chakra and emotions.

I was tempted to keep this one to use in my work but Spirit said nope, it has a guardian other than me. So, if it is you, please shout out :-) 

Spring Equinox

Posted on 20 March, 2017 at 5:15 Comments comments (0)

Happy Spring Equinox to you all.  A time of renewal, rejuvenation, a time to shed the old outdated layers and start stirring awake just as the trees and plants are doing.  The magnolias are ready to burst open (typically just as the weather changes to windy, wet and chilly!), the blackthorn is in blossom, the hawthorn is leafing up as is the willow and others too.  Everywhere you look  there are flashes of yellow; vivid, impossibly cheerful and full of hope.  And the white blossom of the thorn, magnolias and wood anenomes are clean and pure reminding us of our intrinsic Goddess-selves or God-selves.  So, although times are a bit trying right now (again! lol), there is hope all around us if we look. 

I just birthed a new drum in time for the Equinox. And to mark the begining of spring and renewal and sunshine, I have used yellow ribbon. The drum is 13", with a beautiful oak hoop and made with red deer crossed with elk hide, so a little unusual, strung with fake sinew to allow her a tuneful voice for longer in these damp climes. The handle and drum beater handle are of fir/pine from the Fae woods up the Kymin, Monmouth.

She (new drum) had her first outing to find her voice and oh my, what a big and beautiful voice she has! Lot of fae energies with this drum as well as grounded energies. She spent a good part of this afternoon singing at the White Leaf Oak site in the Malvern Hills... pixie and dryad land. So, if you are her new guardian (and if you are, oh my what lovely energy you have, as she is a joy and was also a joy to make!) message me. She has been smudged both by the fire and by sage. With love 

 It was so good to be out in nature yesterday. We were blessed with good weather and good company and a rip roaring fire, wind to blow away the cobwebs and some lovely drumming. Oh. And lots of hot cross buns and an awesome cup cake made with pear and chocolate by one of the lovely ladies .... thank you all xxx

Excuse the wrong way facing photograph, I am waiting for the website people to answer my call to sort it out :-) xx