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Channelled Healing Sound Meditations



Bridstow Village Hall, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire

18:00 - 19:30

Cost: £13 upwards if you can afford more. Thank you

Sunday 22nd September 2019

Clear Space Studios, Off King Street, Above the Quaker House, Hereford

19:00 -20:00

Cost: £15 upwards if you can afford more.   Thank you 

Please book and pay via www.paypal.me/fayebradbury friends and family and state whether Hereford or Bridstow.  Thanks.

There will be a break in August.  


Would you like to come and lie down for an hour or so and enter a state of deep relaxation? To be taken deep into yourself and to discover peace and connection? To have healing at the same time as surrendering to the sounds of the drums, flutes, and voice. Stress busting, relaxing and deeply healing.

Being held in the lovely Clear Space Studios and Bridstow Village Hall, Hereford, this is a sound meditation that is slightly different from gongs and singing bowls in that it consists of other sound tools. It is an opportunity to come and lie down and allow the sounds of Faye's Native North American Style Flutes, drums, rattle and voice wash over you and take you into a deep meditation. Come and explore the inner realms of your being and allow your whole being to relax and rejuvenate.

This is a healing meditation. Faye channels the Ancestors and Light Beings, Angelic realms and more and every mediation is different ... the songs from the flutes, the beats of the drums and the voice work are all tailored to the needs of the group.

LIMITED places for lying down to 15/16 people. in Hereford and 20/22 in Bridstow. There may be some room for sitting in addition. 

Please book in advance. Thank you ♥

Minimum exchange of £15... If you can afford more, I will receive your generosity with an open, humble and gratitude filled heart. Thank you ♥ 
Pay in advance to secure your place. 
Please pay as FRIENDS and FAMILY when paying . Thank you 
If you wish to pay via BACS please let me know. Thank you 

Please write SM Hereford  or SM Bridstow when paying. 


Cancellation policy: non refundable deposit of £8.  Cancellation of 24 hours and less before the event incurs full payment. ♥

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, bring a COMFORTABLE mat/single blow up bed (something more than a yoga mat as you are to be lying down for 50 mins-1 hour) to lie on, a blanket to wrap yourself up in love and eye cover and a pillow if you need one. It is important you are comfortable and warm. Also bring water and a pen and paper in case you need to write something down when the meditation has ended. no alcohol or recreational drugs to be used before the mediation please :-)

Please note that unfortunately this is not suitable for those with pacemakers, in their first trimester of pregnancy, severe epilepsy or acute mental health issues. if in doubt, please speak to me or to your doctor ♥

Sound is proven to have substantial health benefits. It is believed that the primordial sound, along with the vibrations it produces, is the source for the creation of the entire universe. It is possible to attain the following and more:

*Quiet the mind
*To empower positive cognitive change
*Helping depression
*Considerable diminishing of anxiety and panic attacks
*To access and release traumas
*To bring the self into a state of inner peace and calmness
*To establish a state of resonance and attunement with the self
*Enhancing one’s state of presence and self-awareness
*Increasing self-confidence and attention
*Dealing with insomnia
*Sound enhances our self-awareness, it facilitates connecting with the higher self, it promotes self-observation and self-worth, and it increases the state of personal resonance.

Faye lives near Ross on Wye and she works from a studio in Hoarwithy and  from The Salon by Sarah in Ross, offering many therapies. She has many years working as a therapist and a healing channel and a Medicine/Shamanic Drum and Rattle Maker.

She loves her work with sound and the drum and flute and voice as a healing tools, being passionate about assisting and encouraging others to relax and release and move into the best version of themselves at any given moment in time.

She is a fully qualified Reiki Master and teacher and Shamanic Reiki Drum Healing and Journeying Practitioner and offers one on one tailored channelled shamanic sound healing treatments as well as crystal sound activations and healing massage therapist.

She sings with a Native North American Pow Wow Drum Singing Team in the UK. 
You can contact her through FB if you wish to explore her therapies etc. 

She also runs a monthly drum and singing/chanting circle from Bridstow Village Hall.

It is not religious. It is an opportunity to relax deeply :-)