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Liberate Your Authentic Self Workshop

Bridstow Village Hall, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire

8th June 2019

10:30 - 14:30

Just imagine 20+ beautiful women sounding their authentic selves, their soul blueprints... together... that gives me goosebumps! Think of the power behind that, the freedom, the expression, the joy. Oh the joy!

Fancy creating it? Let's do this!

Would you like to hear the sound of your soul vocally? Would you like to sing freely and openly in a non judgemental and supported environment? Our voice is the blueprint of our souls. Come and discover, unlock and reveal your true blueprint.

You do not have to be able to sing to come along to this workshop! Come and have fun learning to free your voice from your ego!

This workshop will help you to:

*Hear the joy of your soul through your voice
*Open up your throat chakra
*Gain immeasureable confidence in using your voice, which will transfer into day to day life
*Boost your self esteem.
*Learn how to be silly without judgement of yourself
*Show you how to have fun with your voice
*Use voice and movement to shake off those shackles and restraints a lot of us have around our vocal chords and expression. *You will be encouraged to express yourselves freely, wildly and marvellously!
*And to channel whatever comes through to you without thinking about it,
*You will leave smiling, feeling uplifted and liberated ♥

Anyone that has been to my drum circles... you know how free it gets... come and join in :-)

Singing, chanting, toning, free flowing to see what comes forth; using your voice is an uplifting and powerful form of shifting stuck energy both for ourselves and for others and releases happy hormones within us.

Fun and interactive, in this workshop I will guide you, hold space and help you to find your blueprint. You will leave feeling empowered, excited, uplifted and more confident in using your voice both in everyday life and also as a healing instrument for your selves.

There will be a sound journey to help you to relax and connect to your inner voices.

You will be encouraged, held, and supported by everyone there. We will play with our voices and if you have any percussion instruments bring them too. ♥

Shared lunch, please bring one thing with you to share.

Please book and pay in advance. Thank you

The workshop will be followed by my monthly drum circle where you will get to sing and drum and then my Shamanic Sound Healing Meditation where you get to lie down, relax and experience the channelled voices of the Ancestors, perhaps some light language too. You are welcome to join the circle and /or the meditation. The gratefully received exchange is upwards of £13 for each session. You may include the exchange in your payment for the workshops, please just let me know you have done so. ♥

Exchange for the workshop is: £40.
For the Drum Circle: £13+ more if you can afford it ♥
Shamanic Sound Healing Meditation: £13+ if you can afford it ♥
Please pay as FRIENDS and FAMILY when paying via the ticket link. Thank you ♥


Please state Channelling workshop and whether you are staying for the drum workshop and or the sound meditation afterwards when you are paying. Thank you ♥

£20 is non refundable of the £40 session and £8 of each of the other 2 sessions is non refundable.
Cancellation of 36 hours and less - full fees will be retained.

Sound is a powerful form of healing and clearing. We are all vibration and the voice has been proven to be the most powerful form of vibrational healing around, especially using your own voice on yourself.

I have been using my voice as a healing instrument for quite a while. I had problems with feeling unheard and expressing my authenticity vocally, like many women, and I was also scared to speak out or indeed in front of an audience... for me to be singing in front of complete strangers took me an enormous leap of faith and courage, I still get nervous but I trust my work completely so keep channelling singing and doing what I do. I would now like to share some of this to help other women and men hear their own souls and to become more confident in expressing themselves authentically and vocally.

I offer one on one shamanic sound healing sessions and group shamanic sound meditations, where I channel voices of the Ancestors, Galactic beings and the Seraphim collective. I have been channelling these voices all my life but was not aware of what I was doing. When channelling the singing of the Seraphim, the Galactics, the light languages and other Ancestral singing, I thought I was just singing gobbledegook and making it up. I discovered some years ago that I was actually singing light languages! A happy revelation. :-) ♥