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Monthly Healing & Reiki Shares
Saturday 24th March 2018
10:00- 17:00

Aspen House (Stable Cottage), Hoarwithy, Nr Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR2 6QP

Saturday 28th April 2018 - 10:00 - 14:30
Sunday 20th May 2018 - 10:00 - 17:00

Bringing to you a beautiful day of various healing and Reiki healing exchanges/shares.

This is a day for Practitioners of the healing arts to come together throughout the day (you are welcome to stay all day or for a few hours or for just an hour!) to exchange and share healing and to support one another. A day to relax and recharge and to meet other Practitioners in the vicinity

There will be a meditation using the Native North American style flute both at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day and if requested, a Shamanic Reiki Drum Journey.

We will be blessed by the beautiful Angie who will be playing her singing & crystal bowls, linking in to the healing being given to the person on the bed. It is a truly beautiful experience.

If you wish to come along and exchange your particular healing modality, we welcome you.

Please contact me to book if you can, as there is limited space in the studio :-) We could be a bit snug ♥ (Alternatively it is also ok to turn up on the day if you are unable to fully commit before hand, please give me an indication though as to whether or not you are likely to attend)

Our healing and Reiki shares are about creating a space for you beautiful, giving healer practitioners to have some healing and support from one another, so a gentle space once a month to come together and exchange healing, thoughts, off load, share and just be together, so a social as well. Last month's share was truly wonderful and so welcome. We give out so much, even if we are not giving hands on healing... as sensitives with every battering we take from the news, collective energies, solar flares, earth aches, astrological stuff, energy and light downloads, our stuff... it is so important to find the time and space to be supported by like minded people in a space where we are not working but receiving and taking in equal balance and support. That is what I wish to create. For those that wish to proceed in furthering their practice then I would suggest it is important to come along, for those that don't I would still suggest to come along for all the above stated reasons.

There is a nominal exchange of £5 ph, which covers all costs. Please let me know if you wish to attend as if there are quite a few of us we will be pretty snug :-) ♥ Thank you

Bring house socks/slippers, warm blanket and floor mat just in case of impromptu meditation or drum journey :-)

Reiki Healing
Reiki is a system of natural healing which has been in use for many thousands of years. Rei-Ki means spiritual energy or universal life-force energy. At an atomic level everything which exists in the Universe is made up of energy vibrating at different rates. Humans are also comprised of electromagnetic energy and in healing Reiki acts holistically, affecting all the energies comprising the human body, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Reiki is non-invasive and has been shown to effectively stimulate the relaxation response.

There are 3 main levels of Reiki. The first level is Reiki 1 in which you will learn about energy, chakras (energy points in the body), Reiki history and etiquette etc and are then attuned to Reiki 1. Reiki 1 is primarily used for self-healing but may be practiced on family and friends with no charge. After some months of practice you will then have the opportunity to proceed to Level II. You will be attuned to Level II and taught some more indepth knowledge about Reiki and healing. At this point, you will be able to practice the Reiki II, initially supervised, upon the public.