Faye Bradbury 
        Laughing Heart Enterprises

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This is my monthly clinic in the Cwtch's Workhouse space in Abergavenny. 

I always look forward to going over as the energies in the studio are wonderful. I will be offering readings from there as well as the healing work. Come and take time out to be held and nurtured in the most beautiful space.

Please book both with me. The last appointment will be taken at 17:15 for healing or 17:45 for a half hour reading. Thank you.

Investments are taken up front thank you.

*Half an hour Direct Source Medium and Clairvoyant readings with simultaneous hands on healing. I connect with loved ones, guides, Angelic realms, Ascended masters, Galactics, Source, animals and plants, depending upon what you ask for and need. Entertainment purposes only. £20

*Full on hour long channelled shamanic sound healing using channelled Ancestral/light language/Seraphim voice work, drums, Native North American style flutes, percussion, crystal singing bowl and hands on healing... for this healing you need to be prepared for big releases and things coming to the surface to be shifted as it is extremely powerful. And tailored to you, your vibration and your current needs. Spirit determine what happens during this treatment. You are lying and fully clothed and snugged up in blankets. Special introductory price of £35

*Hour Crystal Sound Activation. Using sound... voice, drum, crystal singing bowl, tuning forks and strategically placed crystals on your body, you obtain deep vibrations enhanced by the crystals. This may activate areas of stuck energy, and help with areas of pain and so on. It has helped one of my clients with kidney stones not suffer any more pain for 7 weeks, helped my mum with the pain from arthritis in her spine. The vibration is very powerful. Special Introductory price of £35

*40 mins Shamanic and Reiki infused drum healing. Healing using just the drum. Powerful healing again. Special introductory price of £30

Please contact me, Faye, to make a booking ♥ Either via messenger or on 07881955078.

Non refundable deposit of £20 with all bookings. Thank you ♥