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Hi loves, I have been asked and asked over the past year or so to facilitate training to help people understand and develop their more earthy, shamanic type of connections. I have not stepped forward with that until now because it wasn't the right time. I am now stepping forward with it.


I will be putting on a mini series. They will be 3 full day workshops based mainly in the Forest of Dean but we will also meet elsewhere if I feel the need to for one of them. You may attend individual workshops or all of them. 


Inside all of us is an ancient knowledge and connection to the land, the sky, the sentient beings that dwell within and upon our Mother Earth and within ourselves, to ourselves, that is latent, perhaps a little dormant, just waiting to be gently woken up or delved into deeper. On this course I will encourage and empower you to dive into yourselves and trust your own innate wisdom and knowledge.


*We will look at what this connection and ancient knowledge actually is.

*How you can connect to it.

*We will explore your relationship to nature, to yourselves, to the animal kingdom and the cycle of life.

*We will look at mediumship and shamanism.

*Animal connections.

*Tree and plant connections.

*Spirit connections.

*Using sound organically, entwining our own sound with those in nature and singing spirit songs from within us.

*We will learn to journey with both rattle and drum.

*I will send you on medicine walks and teach you how to listen and work with your energy so that you may quietly walk in a wood and call in deer energy etc.

*You will do a silent, awake dreaming/visioning exercise where you will ask to be shown what you need to know.

We will laugh and cry and sit in quiet contemplation and come together in communion and circle.

My emphasis will be on how to empower yourselves through understanding, in a deeper way, your connection to all living sentient beings and your place in the cycle of life and the world.


Days and dates are to be confirmed .

£85/day, includes lunch and any notes and teas/coffee etc.

Concession £65 pppd

This will lead on to more in depth workshops connecting to each season.


Please note that my workshops and retreats are in depth, intense, opportunities for healing, growth and can be very transformative!! 🥰 So are you ready to transform? To blossom? To grow and heal? To deepen your connection to our Mother Earth and yourself and all her sentient beings? To grow in your understanding of yourself and to awaken innate parts of you that have always been rumbling but have perhaps not completely jelled together yet?


If the answer is yes and if this is something that appeals to you, please contact me to make your exchange and booking via BACS  ❤

Love and brightest blessings to you ❤

*This will not lead you to a formal qualification (I am still exploring that avenue) but I can give you a certificate of participation which, if you decide to then explore this as a formal Practitioners Diploma, will give you some proven experience.

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