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PART 2 - Online Group Vocal Chakra/Energy Balancing Workshop

Your voice is a powerful healing tool. It carries the resonance of your soul in its vibration. When you use it to give yourself healing or to rebalance yourself and your energy centre or chakras and auric field, you are giving yourself, from a soul level, permission to heal or rebalance. It is probably one of our most powerful self help tools we possess.

We will learn how to body scan and feel into each chakra and aura and learn how to use our voices to unblock, realign and rebalance our energy centres. This will be interactive and 'hands on'. We will learn about which sounds to make and how they may affect us and learn about vibration and resonance and dissonance.

Please do pass the word and share the event with as many people as you feel would benefit from it, especially light workers and care givers of every description as we are renowned for giving out to everyone else and becoming depleted. It is my aim to give this teaching to as many people as possible in order that they may have an effective forever tool to tap into or to make it a part of their daily routine.

Where: Online via Zoom. Recordings are available for purchase. 

Investment: £33/£22 Please choose the one you can afford. Thank you. Sales are final. 


Who is it for? Everyone that already knows what chakras are and do, what energy is and how to open your energy centres in your hands.

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