Faye Bradbury 
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Channelled Healing Sound Work

High Vibrational Channelled (Trance) Sound Healing

I was born with the natural gift of channelling healing energies.  I work with various guides; both mine and yours; and Source, Angelic Realms, Galactic Realms and so forth to channel healing. 

I have been using my voice as a healing instrument for quite a while. I had problems with feeling unheard and expressing my authenticity vocally, like many women, and I was also scared to speak out or indeed to speak in front of an audience (I continue to work on this)... for me to be singing in front of complete strangers took me an enormous leap of faith and courage, I still get nervous but I trust my work completely so keep channelling singing and doing what I do. I would now like to share some of this to help other women and men hear their own souls and to become more confident in expressing themselves authentically and vocally so this year will be running workshops for freeing your voice, which is the blueprint of your soul, from your ego.

Clinics - please follow link for appointment information

So what does a channelled 1:1 channelled sound healing session consist of?

It is normally a hands on approach, with your consent, but may take other forms. It usually lasts around an hour and you are invited to lie down fully clothed

You are taken through some relaxation exercises and I then start to channel whoever or whatever comes through for you.  This could be the Ancestors, the Galactics, the Angelics, animals, plants, trees.  It depends what you need.  Some will be channelled singing, some will be channelled noises, toning and so on.  I will play the reiki healing drums over you and the Native North American style flutes.  Bells might be tinkled, rattles rattled. 

I often use sacred herbs and incense such as mugwort, santo paolo, white sage and frankincense as part of my practice as guided to do so.  

I will do what I am guided to do by whichever Spirit Guide is with me at the time.  It is a safe, non intrusive session full of strength, love and compassion.  

What does sound do?

Sound is a powerful form of healing and clearing.    It is a perfect medium for shifting stuck energy and calming energy down.   We are all vibration and the voice has been proven to be the most powerful form of vibrational healing around, especially using your own voice on yourself as your voice is the blueprint of your soul.

Sound is proven to have substantial health benefits. It is believed that the primordial sound, along with the vibrations it produces, is the source for the creation of the entire universe. It is possible to attain the following and more:

Quiet the mind
To empower positive cognitive change
Helping depression
Considerable diminishing of anxiety and panic attacks
To access and release traumas
To bring the self into a state of inner peace and calmness
To establish a state of resonance and attunement with the self
Enhancing one’s state of presence and self-awareness
Increasing self-confidence and attention
Dealing with insomnia
Sound enhances our self-awareness, it facilitates connecting with the higher self, it promotes self-observation and self-worth, and it increases the state of personal resonance.

I do NOT claim to be able to heal you of anything; that is not my place as I am merely channelling the healing energies.  These energies will go where Spirit or your Guides see fit.  You will, however, feel more relaxed and hopefully uplifted following the session.