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Shamanic Drum Journeying

Artwork by the wonderfully talented Susan Seddon Boulet


Would you like to come and experience the power of shamanic drum journeying? Please contact me to express interest

This is an event for both novices and those that have already experienced journeying.

It will be a highly experiential time where you will experience how the drum beat can induce an altered state of consciousness, otherwise named as a trance state or a deep meditative state of being. During this altered state, one is able to access parts of the subconscious that are normally inaccessible. The combined drum beat and healing that is projected simultaneously, helps to facilitate healing to work its magic at a deep level. Oftentimes powerful messages are given during these journeys. 

If you have never journeyed before, everything will be explained and you will be held in a gentle and very safe space. There will be space for silent contemplation and space to share should you wish to.

We will start with a flute meditation, then after a talk about the journey and the intention to be set we will do a full shamanic drum journey. Following this will be refreshments and a discussion and sharing.  

Refreshments are provided. 

Please bring with you a mat, warm blanket, pillow, warm socks or slippers, a notepad and pen.

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