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Eco-Shamanic Practitioner

Eco-shamanism and Ecotherapy?

Connection with the earth and its systems are at the core of eco-shamanism and ecotherapy. Many shamans, medicine people and practitioners who practice eco-shamanism and ecotherapy believe that the earth has a self-righting capacity which operates through complex systems of integrated balance, and that if people can harmonize with these systems, they may experience improved mental health. Personal well-being and planetary well-being, as proposed in many tenets of eco-shamanism and ecotherapy, are not separate from each other. People’s lives are therefore seen as part of a greater system of interaction.

Nature and Mental Health.  

Eco-Shamanism and Ecotherapy are based on the idea that people are connected to and impacted by the natural environment. A growing body of research highlights the positive benefits of connecting with nature. There is a growing body of institutes that are now employing Ecotherapy and Ecopsycology as part of their interactions with clients suffering with PTSD, depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders with extremely positive results. This connection to nature is something that shamans, medicine people and mystics, indigenous peoples, Celts and all people connected to the land have known for hundreds of years. It is something that I was born into, this knowing and experiential, fully immersive way of living totally at one with the land, and all that dwells in and on it, I lived with and in and on.  

What would an initial session with me look like?

You will come for your initial appointment which will include a consultation.  In this consultation, I will listen to you and we will discover, unpick if you are uncertain, what your priority needs are.  My aim is to help you to empower yourself and the healing with me requires a level of commitment from you towards your own healing process.  I can facilitate and support and help but ultimately we are all responsible for our own healing, so you may leave with something to follow up on, things to continue doing until your next appointment.  It may be that you have a lot surfacing for you or going on in your life and that may require a series of sessions using various techniques and combinations of them.  If this is the case, we will discuss a contract.  Please know that I will only make this suggestion if it will benefit you and  your healing journey and it is mutually agreeable.  If I feel I can not help you to move forward in an empowered way, I will suggest someone that may be able to help you. I encourage you to book 3 sessions with me initially but should it turn out that you only want or need one session with me, that session will always be powerful.  I also encourage open and from the heart communication and will seek feedback in order to continue to provide a service that is 100% attuned to your needs. 


Following the consultation, we agree on what form of healing is best suited to you at the current time and you will have your first session.  

Shamanic Healing could involve:

   *Extraction work

   *Soul retrieval

   *Divination and omen work

   *Eco-mapping or medicine walk

   *Journeying to find and access your inner world and your answers and messages

   *Sound work/healing


   *A combination of things

The initial appointment is 2 hours @ £80/£90.

Follow on appointments may be an hour or 2, or more, depending upon your needs.

If only an hour is needed this is billed @£50.

2 hours is £80/£90.

3 hours are £140

Medicine walks and eco-mapping will be billed as sessions @ £140. They could take between 3 -5 hours.

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