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Crystal Sound Activation

What is Crystal Sound Activation?

*It is a transformational and healing experience, entered into with the intent for profound change.

*It activates channels of Light in the Body-Mind circuitry, clearing blocks and allowing alignment with your Soul’s Purpose.

*It awakens the Spirit to conscious awareness, facilitating connection with your True Self and your Higher Self’s intentions for Life, so bringing inner peace.

*Crystal Sound Activation prepares you for the shifts in Cosmic Frequencies we are now experiencing.

What does a treatment do?

We attune to your sacred centres, invoking the assistance of Angels, Spiritual, and Earth energies, and we are directed by your Higher Self and personal Spirit Guides. 

Your individual issues are addressed, and a clearing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels occurs; opening chakras, removing blockages, and re-aligning energy flow in the body. You enter a deep trance state of healing, returning you to Source Frequencies.

The ceremony is unique to you; a fusion of practices from diverse ancient cultures, such as Tibet, India, North America, the overlay of Atlantis and other timeless dimensional wisdom.

What exactly happens in a treatment?

You lie or sit fully clothed and a Crystal Layout is placed on your chakras and around your body. The combination of precious gems, crystals and sacred symbolic items are unique to you on the day. Other healing tools and feathers are used.

I work throughout the session with sound instruments including: Crystal Bowls, Crystal Tuning fork, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Chimes, Native American Drum, percussion and the channelled singing voice.

The Intention

The intention for healing transformation and transcendence draws many forms of spirit and deity into the environment. Archangel Michael is present, protecting and supporting a successful outcome. Personal guardians and angels attend you, and other beings, called upon by Us and your higher-self, in accordance with this sacred process.

The Silence

After the sound activation, you are held within the silence for a time of consolidation. The healing and activation continues as the subtle bodies (mind, body, spirit) establish a new paradigm and spiritual beings and spirit guides complete their work.

The Potential Results

Just one session can bring about powerful results, with immediate shifts in awareness and physicality. It may shift energy blockages and realign energy. It may help with physical pain. 

Clinics - for details on pricing etc

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