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Customer Testimonials

Channelled Sound Healings both One on One and Groups

Louise B

To date I've had two shamanic healing channeled sound sessions with Faye and both have been wonderful experiences.

Faye was recommended to my by a friend and instantly made me feel at ease when I arrived for the session. She creates a safe harmonious space in which to work and after a little conversation about what to expect from the session she soon had me relaxed and floating off into my sound journey. And boy was it powerful. Both sessions have allowed me to give release and acknowledgement to painful emotions, but not in a traumatic way, as Faye and her guides give out deep genuine care. I really find it hard to put into words how strongly my two sessions have effected me. They were quite profound. Although my mind is active as I lie and listen to the sacred sounds being made, the level of meditation I achieve is intense and vivid. I come away feeling relaxed and cleansed from all the mental and emotional sludge that finds its way to you in the course of everyday life. I love it when she uses a smudge stick, which is some how done in a way which evokes the powerful flapping of bird wings, really intensely purifying.

Overall the whole experience leaves me wanting more as I have trouble connecting to my spiritual self in day to day life, and tend to bury painful life events deep inside myself. In the beautiful journey that Faye creates I am able to access that deep part of myself that gets felt too little, and to gently let go of old pain and bring in new energies to guide me, soothe me and strengthen me. If anyone were to say to me that they were curious about shamanic healing I would not hesitate to recommend Faye and suggest they give it a go because I'm hooked!

Free Your Voice, Sound Your Soul Workshops


"One of the best workshops I attended in 2019 was Faye Bradbury's 'Sound your Soul & Liberate your Authentic Self' workshop. We were a small, friendly group and Faye was a wonderful & welcoming host. One of my favourite parts was lying down and making animal noises, as I found this so much fun & made me feel so free & silly.

Over the duration of the workshop we all bonded & grew as we let our souls sounds resonate. We ended up at the beautiful church in Hoarwithy where vocal miracles happened. It was so special and a moment I will remember forever.

I would highly recommend Faye as a practitioner & this workshop to anyone wanting to experience the powerful healing benefits of sound. Faye is an expert in this field & has a fun teaching style. Many thanks, would definitely come again

Emily xxx "*

Shamanic Drum Healing and Journey work 

Dawn Norman

Angel thank you so much for today, Sid hasn't stopped smiling, he cannot thank you enough for your beautiful healing and journey he took.... He's feeling so elevated and his feet are incredibly feeling less pain.... He's blown away...thank you angel with all my heart... 

Jenny L

You kindly gave me an intense session on the Sunday morning, I would Iike to send another twenty pounds as I appreciated your patience and skill in the journey. Things shifted in terms of the boundaries I make sometimes and the weekend was the start of potential for change, though I guess everyday is really! I'm stuck in my self depreciation but more aware of how it impacts on everything else, which is new and thought provoking. All blessings to you Faye 

All Things Drums & Rattles

'.... I was with Chief Dancing Thunder at the weekend. He picked up the drum you made me and described it as "a beautiful work of art and a wonderful representation of the deer, the matrix of the universe and the flow of energy." Thanks again for making me a beautiful drum' ...Greg M

Rosemary Griffiths 24/07/17: (*Condensed version :-))

Well what can I say?

Just that this weekend has been one of the most amazing weekends I have had in a very long time. I have been wanting to birth my own drum for a long time now but and even more so after I qualified in becoming a reiki drum practitioner, but nothing felt quite right and now I know why. I am so so very grateful that I was guided to just the right place and person for me and the other ladies with me on this wonderful journey that we have all had.

The weekend started with a wonderful meditation with the flute which took me to places I haven't been able to access for a very long time, the reconnecting and healing had begun. In between tea breaks, lunch, more meditation, more tea and so much laughter that my tummy aches, drumming and singing, supper and finally finishing the first day off at about 10.30 we fell into bed in a surreal state of pure bliss knowing that we had another full day to come again.

Day two started again with a wonderful breakfast and down to work and enjoying the most wonderful meditation and journeying on such deep levels that I have ever experienced. I cannot describe the releasing, the letting go and the acceptance that took place again in so much unconditional love and non stop laughter. Then finally connecting with the soul of the drum herself. The day finally finished around 7pm with us hearing our drums sing their hearts out and what a song she sang. Well, will I ever come back down to earth from this state of peace, love and bliss that I find myself in? I hope not and this is all down to the two beautiful ladies who joined me on this incredible journey and the most fantastic facilitator for the weekend the amazing Faye Bradbury and our wonderful host Steve. And the beautiful Tipi that was our home for the weekend.

At this particular moment in time words cannot describe how fantastic I am feeling, how deep into my soul this has affected me and how peaceful and balanced I feel. Saying thank you to you all will never be enough.

If anyone of you are thinking of birthing your own drum then please think carefully because this is a very special journey for your soul so please allow it to take all the time it needs and make sure you birth it with someone who knows what they are truly doing and I can't recommend Faye Bradbury enough. She truly is one very special lady.

Thank you thank you thank you for one incredible journey

Big hugs xxxx

Cathy & Terry Hogg

Faye – thank you so much for the most marvellous relaxed day – everything was perfect and we learnt so much, gained from the most relaxed of atmospheres and will always remember our “drum birthing” day with warmth and humour. Our drums are fabulous, with simple and yet earthy, deep tones – a wonderful keep sake that will be with us forever. A top rated day – which is highly recommended. We are delighted.

Louise Marie Holden

I have been really enjoying my medicine drum that you lovingly made. After meeting Faye at a womens work event in wales we stayed in touch and when I saw the amazing drums she was making, i knew that it would be imbued with the right kind of spiritual resonance and heartfelt prayers i wanted to use this in my practice of developing medicine songs for sweatlodge ceremonies in the UK. Thank you for the attention to detail and loving kindness

Alison Chandra

I had wanted a drum for some time, and now I am the proud owner of a drum and rattle beautifully crafted by Faye... I waited for the right person whom I felt not only a connection with but also who is gifted and trusted, and I knew would put her whole heart and soul into creating what was right for me... Am so happy with both and feels so right..You would not be disappointed...Thank you..Blessings

Yvonne Spooner

I am now the blessed owner of 2 drums from Laughing heart drums and i couldnt be happier...they are very well made and made with love...excellent value too xxx

Sue Baldwin

I love my drum Faye

David T Jones

Faye you make beautiful drums.

Faye puts so much love into her work and with it she creates a beautiful drum that is so much more than just a 'drum'.


Debbie Walkey Young

Faye is a brilliant clairvoyant medium. She delivered the reading with compassion and a healing element and is accurate. She is a warm genuine person with a great sense of fun and humor. Highly recommended

Angie Lapham

Faye is a wonderful Medium , i have had 5 skype readings with Faye and they are always helpful , my first reading was a very difficult one for me bringing up old and personal issues , but what i was told helped me no end and so much made sense to me , and it helped me to move on after almost 50 yrs , Faye is loving when you talk to her and her information is clear ...... i always look forward to a reading , and i have no hesitation in recommending Faye.


Phenomenal! So accurate she actually scared me a little!


Hi Faye, I just wanted to say Thank you VERY MUCH for your guidance & healing that you gave me in Cardiff & Vale college Friday night . For the first time in a very long time I feel like "me" again. Everything I needed you provided & the "fog" and self doubt has disappeared. You have a beautiful soul & it was a real pleasure to meet you.

Sending you love & light on your continued journey xxx


Wow! Thankyou what a beautiful soul you are, your words have certainly connected with me and lifted something not needed from me. Think I've been far too over critical on myself!! It really does mean so much that you have taken the time to help me

Gavin Thomas

Very genuine, friendly and down to earth. Faye's reading definately helped/inspired me and I left feeling very positive . Thank you.

Karen Jones

Faye is a beautiful gentle soul, her warmth and spiritual nature shines through every time I see her, her gift is such a blessing which she embraces without ego. Many blessings, love and light

Liz Collings

Faye did a reading for me some time ago and she was absolutely spot on. Faye gives readings based on spirit and an uninvited guest arrived to concrete her message... a horsefly landed on me and Faye research the horsefly and it meaning was everything Faye had told me. Absolutely fantastic can't wait to see her again xx


I met Faye at a holistic fair. Faye was able to tell me things she couldn't have known about a family member very recently dying which were very comforting and even some things about members I didn't know until was later confirmed when I got home to the family, who do a lot of research in family history! Faye was very comforting and delivered the reading with empathy and consideration. I felt really comforted and find faye is still approachable afterwards to speak to and confirm things, unlike most other mediums who aren't so easy to approach!

Steve Ellis

Faye gave me a beautiful reading over Skype. It worked really well, and I have recommended her to a friend already on the strength of her reading. I had been guided to Faye, and as usual they didn't disappoint. Faye got right to the 'heart of the matter' and did so with compassion, and from a source connection which was shown to me during the reading. She's the real deal! Thanks Faye, and all concerned

Peter Martin

Fantastic reading. Thank you Faye.

Cara Langford

Faye's reading really blew me away. She was able to confirm things that I 'knew' from my past lives. There were tears on both sides. Faye is a natural empath and a warm and lovely lady. I feel fortunate to have met her and look forward to renewing our acquaintance.

Kim Jones

Absolutley beautiful being. Enjoyed every moment of my readings, which was filled with love, inspriration, blessings and healing. Thank you Faye x

Paul Langford

I met Faye at the Holistic Fayre in Cwmbran, I felt drawn to having a reading with her and I am so glad I did. The information given to me was confirmation of things I knew but also the personal information and link Faye had with our guides was lovely. The whole experience was uplifting and I was made to feel relaxed and very comfortable. The Messages given to me from the Spirit was what I was needing to hear at this time, As I am able to link with Spirit myself I did not receive messages from family, but from Teachers and Guides who have answered a lot of my questions. I would highly recommend a reading from Faye and look forward to my next one definitely.

Chris Jones

I have been privillaged to recive two readings from Faye. Her readings are so accurate it's amazing, she is a wonderful caring person one of the few genuine mediums out there I can't recommend her highly enough. One of the few trustworthy souls she is brilliant

Sharon Walker

I had a beautiful reading from the lovely Faye & everything she spoke of was true & much needed. Faye gives out such an abundance of warmth & love around her it's hard not to be drawn to her. A very wise lady with a beautiful soul. Thank you Faye xx.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Faye (she was one of the mediums) at the Monmouth spiritualist group. I was feeling troubled having been through a traumatic double bereavement. Faye very kindly gave me some healing and I asked if she could give me a reading. She came out next day, all the way from Hereford. Faye gave me a very accurate in depth reading. It was very positive and uplifting. She gave me some very helpful advice on how to remain balanced and in tune with my higher self. I felt very calm and relaxed in her company. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Faye concluded the reading with some much needed healing." .


"I had a reading from Faye in the Summer. I sat down and we chatted a bit and Faye connected in a beautiful way with me, making me feel at ease. The overwhelming evidence Faye gave of my precious loved one living on in spirit was just heartfelt and accurate to a T. The messages given were wonderful and we both ended up crying buckets because of the love that was handed out within the message. Just one of the most comforting readings I've had!"

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