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Animal Healing and Communication

Faye works with animals both face to face and remotely. She is able to communicate with them (both living and deceased) and to pick up when there is something not quite right with them. They will often approach her if they need healing or calming down.  She works with dogs, horses, chickens and more. 

She has been called the chicken whisperer in the past and ran what her neighbours used to lovingly call The Chicken Retreat Center as that is where all the neighbour chickens would be found sunbathing in the garden as she sang and hummed to them. She used to rescue newborn chicks and bring them back to life when abandoned too early by their mothers. She works with chickens using vocal sound therapy and hands on healing and love.

She has worked with horses and dogs using both hands on healing, tuning fork therapy, sound therapy, vocal sound therapy, patience and love.

*Please note that, as with people, Faye does not claim to be able to cure them of anything, but they do get healing which goes to where they want it to go to at the time.

Chicken and Chick Sound Therapy 

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