Faye Bradbury 
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Medicine Drum or Rattle Making, Releasing & Healing 

Residential Retreat Weekends in a Beautiful Tipi

Near Gloucester

Fully residential

This authentic Medicine Drum Making Retreat incorporates ceremonial releasing, high vibrational healing, Shamanic Reiki Drum Healing & Journeying Work and meditations, voice work, channelled light language, Native North American Style Flute meditations and healing

Back by popular demand!  This year's dates for the authentic drum retreats :-) Please note that I need a minimum of 3 people for each retreat to proceed

May 12th & 13th

September 8th & 9th

Firstly, I wish to thank those of you that attended my retreats last year, it was truly an honour to work with and for you. I am so pleased to be offering more retreat weekends after the success of them. I will be holding 2 retreats this year... May and September.

They incorporate ceremonial releasing, high vibrational healing, Shamanic Reiki Drum Healing & Journeying Work, meditations, voice work, channelled light language, Native North American Style Flute meditations and healing... and of course, in all of this, making your own authentic medicine drum and drum rhythm sticks .

The work will be undertaken both in the garden and in a tipi that holds laughter in her canvas and love in her poles ♥

I am Faye Bradbury and I have been working with Spirit since I was born both as a healing channel and as a medium, clairvoyant, empath etc etc. With years of experience, I will take you on a profound journey of exploration of your inner Worlds, of release and healing, of a deep connection to the Earth and the Stars and weaving all of your magic into the making and birthing of your personal medicine drum. I bring compassion, laughter, deep insight and the ability to safely hold you in a loving space in order for you to let go and think only about doing your work for yourself. On this weekend you will be held and nurtured and encouraged to spread your wings and explore your needs. I aim to ensure you have the most beautiful experience and that you go away with hearts full of healing, love and laughter. ♥

These are fully residential weekends and all meals are provided. I ensure that you are fully pampered and want for nothing. This is YOUR time to totally let go and be looked after, nurtured and held in a safe space.

I limit my retreats to a maximum of 5 people so if you wish to attend, please ensure you either make your investment in full or pay the deposit to secure your place as soon as possible ♥

INVESTMENT: Please contact me to discuss your placement before investing.  Thank you.

Earlybird offer of £350 before the 28th February 2018 if paid in full.
£375 after 1st March 2018.
£75 non refundable deposit secures your place and must be paid upon signing up, thank you. 

Full investment by April 22nd and August 17th. (unless otherwise agreed with me)

Investments should be made into my PayPal account, Friends & Family, please: [email protected] or via the link here:

PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHICH DATES YOU WISH TO ATTEND WHEN BOOKING IN and once you have made an investment. Thank you so much ♥

I can set up an investment plan if you need this, please pm me.
I offer one concession place per workshop. Please contact me privately to discuss.

Accommodation is choice of 2 rooms with a double bed in each, a room with one single bed or tent in the garden. We operate on a first come, first serve basis unless you request the tent specifically :-)

There will be a full on day on Saturday making your drums in ceremony and doing releasing, healing and Shamanic Reiki Drum Healing and Journey work, high vibrational healing, flute meditations and healing, light language if channelled and so forth. This is a day of opportunities to really connect to the Earth, to yourselves and to put your own healing and medicine and intent into your drums, making them an integral part of you, a part that moulds with you and your energies and your medicine.  The work we will do may bring tears, and therefore releases, it may bring clarity, it may bring peace, it may bring joy, it may unlock something inside of you... these journeys access a deep part of you. You will be supported at all times. The day will go on for as long as we go on for and there will be a light lunch, on tap tea, coffee, juices, water and dark chocolate, a communal evening meal and time together to continue our bonding and connection to the earth, ourselves, our guides and one another.

Sunday will be a day of having more Shamanic Reiki Drum Journeying, of meditations, of rebalancing, of stillness, of finishing off your drum rhythm sticks and then of joyful celebration of yourselves as we birth your drums (you may not be able to play them as they may still be drying) and sing, rattle, drum and celebrate our existence, leaving in the afternoon with your medicine drum, feeling lighter, connected, changed and happy. ♥ :-) Breakfast and lunch and quite often a meal before you leave is provided.

I work from the heart, putting everything I can in to these days, making it as special as each and every one of you are. So, a weekend full of, but not limited to, love, laughter, ceremony, celebration, release, healing, stillness, rattle making, probably some tears, singing, rattling, drumming, new friendships and peace within. ♥


If making your investment in full for the £375, you can pay directly using the below link.   Thank you


Cathy & Terry Hogg 2016
Faye – thank you so much for the most marvellous relaxed day – everything was perfect and we learnt so much, gained from the most relaxed of atmospheres and will always remember our “drum birthing” day with warmth and humour. Our drums are fabulous, with simple and yet earthy, deep tones – a wonderful keep sake that will be with us forever. A top rated day – which is highly recommended. We are delighted.

ROSEMARY GRIFFITHS 24/07/17: (*Condensed version :-))
Well what can I say?
Just that this weekend has been one of the most amazing weekends I have had in a very long time. I have been wanting to birth my own drum for a long time now but and even more so after I qualified in becoming a reiki drum practitioner, but nothing felt quite right and now I know why. I am so so very grateful that I was guided to just the right place and person for me and the other ladies with me on this wonderful journey that we have all had.

The weekend started with a wonderful meditation with the flute which took me to places I haven't been able to access for a very long time, the reconnecting and healing had begun. In between tea breaks, lunch, more meditation, more tea and so much laughter that my tummy aches, drumming and singing, supper and finally finishing the first day off at about 10.30 we fell into bed in a surreal state of pure bliss knowing that we had another full day to come again

Day two started again with a wonderful breakfast and down to work and enjoying the most wonderful meditation and journeying on such deep levels that I have ever experienced. I cannot describe the releasing, the letting go and the acceptance that took place again in so much unconditional love and non stop laughter. Then finally connecting with the soul of the drum herself. The day finally finished around 7pm with us hearing our drums sing their hearts out and what a song she sang. Well, will I ever come back down to earth from this state of peace, love and bliss that I find myself in? I hope not and this is all down to the two beautiful ladies who joined me on this incredible journey and the most fantastic facilitator for the weekend the amazing Faye Bradbury and our wonderful host Steve. And the beautiful Tipi that was our home for the weekend.

At this particular moment in time words cannot describe how fantastic I am feeling, how deep into my soul this has affected me and how peaceful and balanced I feel. Saying thank you to you all will never be enough.

If anyone of you are thinking of birthing your own drum then please think carefully because this is a very special journey for your soul so please allow it to take all the time it needs and make sure you birth it with someone who knows what they are truly doing and I can't recommend Faye Bradbury enough. She truly is one very special lady.
Thank you thank you thank you for one incredible journey
Big hugs xxxx