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Master Medicine/Shamanic Hand Drums, Rattles & Tool Maker

Faye is a master drum maker. She births individual hand medicine/shamanic drums, rattles, smudging fans and medicine pouches and bags mainly to order.  

I was with Chief Dancing Thunder at the weekend. He picked up the drum you made me and described it as "a beautiful work of art and a wonderful representation of the deer, the matrix of the universe and the flow of energy." Thanks again for making me a beautiful drum

Greg May

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  • Drum description
  • Examples of commissioned work
  • Rattle description and rattles currently for sale
  • Customer commission and general enquiries link 


Drum making retreat

May 5th - 7th 2022

The Drum

"The drum is the heartbeat. The heartbeat of the Earth we tread upon. It is our own heartbeat, the heartbeat that connects us to all life on this physical plane, the first thing we hear and feel whilst in the womb before taking our first breath. It is primal, intrinsic, it connects us to each other, to all other living beings, to nature and to our ultimate divinity. It is one of the most ancient sounds and feelings on earth, for it is not just a sound, it is also a feeling. Listen to and feel your heart beating. It is grounding, freeing, full of wisdom, it can transport you into other realms, into your inner sanctity reconnecting you with your soul, with your core being. It can be used in celebration, wild abandon, ceremony, journeying, for pure pleasure or for releasing, clearing and healing. Listen to your heart. Listen to the beat of the drum."

Faye Bradbury 2010

Wow, Faye, it has just arrived. I got myself ready and have unwrapped it. I’m blown away. It is utterly beautiful, does feel extremely powerful, and known to me. All the power, magic, love you have put into it…the dancing peskie, the medicine pouch, drum stick…all of it. I am preparing for its first real sounding now, with the incense you sent. I cannot thank you enough.

JL May 

I work in a sacred way with the birthing of my drums, rattles and making of the drum rhythm sticks, honouring the spirits of both the animal and the tree throughout the birthing process. My hides are smudged, prayed over and then soaked in water and herbs, and sometimes lavender and rose oil depending on what you need. Throughout the whole process, I work with your own unique energy and medicine, bringing it into your drum, as well as imbibing it with love and healing energies through my own links to both the animal and spiritual realms. Throughout the process, there will be deep healing on a soul level happening for you through me, your drum and through the process itself. These drums will carry strong elements of each individual's energy and medicine as I work specifically with that, as I do with the spirit of the wood and the animal. This will be your own, very sacred and unique drum. It is made for you and you alone and is untouched by all but the maker and finally you.  

Lovely to see you today Faye. Thank you so much for my beautiful drum, stick and bag. The drum sounds and feels wonderful (and magical). The fact that I know it was crafted exclusively for me makes it even more so...and the bag is just great. I am so pleased.

Cara L

  • Drums are made using red deer/elk cross or very occasionally, pony hide at 13", 15" or 18". Hoops are made from the wood available at the time. This will be stated when an order is placed if you ask. Hides and wood used for the hoops and beaters are ethically and responsibly sourced
  • Drums are mostly made to order with half the price of the drum paid in advance (at my discretion)
  • Prices start at £215 for a 15" basic, rawhide laced drum
  • Please contact me for an obligation free chat about your requirements or to place an order.
  • Posts abroad. Postage & packaging of a 15" drum and beater to the USA is $70. 

I also hand paint drums as commissions. This is an 18" red deer/elk fake sinew strung drum that I made and then the painting which took a very long time!

Blood Red Sacred Medicine Drums

Sacred womb, blood red sacral drums.  Also connecting in to the blood in our bodies. The life force.  

Drums for women and those identifying as women, healing other women and those identifying as women. 

For Doulas

How utterly magical for a baby to be gently drummed out of its mother's womb and into this dimension. The heart beat that it has listened to for the past 9 months continues as it comes through the birthing channel and out in to this new world of sensory overload. The drum beat is reassuring, home, comforting for the baby. 

Also a beautiful drum for red tent work, womb healing work, women's work or for everyone wishing to connect into that womb energy. 

  Are you ready for your bespoke blood red drum? Yes? Let's chat!

NEWS: Sacred Blood Red Medicine Drum Birthing Retreat will be held this year on September 3rd - 5th 2021

This beautiful 18" drum found an equally beautiful guardian.  

A drum made on the Summer Solstice 2019, carrying energies of warmth, sunshine, growth. 

Made with the hide of a red deer crossed with elk.

It has a dragonfly that was gifted from Spirit woven into the handle.  

The dragonfly totem carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. As a spirit animal, the dragonfly is connected to the symbolism of change and light.


I take commissions for rattles too.

For medicine/healing/shamanic work: sola rattles are light and soothing and awakening whilst luna rattles are heavier and used to clear energies and break up stagnant or stuck energy. There are corresponding types of wood that are used for the luna and sola rattles. The handle plays an important part.. I tend to use mainly wood but sometimes I am drawn to use antler.

Rattles can also be used to dance and sing with, so as percussion.  

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