Faye Bradbury 
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Faye's vocal channelling and sounding

Please ask if you want to share or copy or use any of this.  Thank you 

2019 is the year of completion. A 12 year. 12 is the number of completion. The end of a decade. Full circle. The last 3 months have been spent collectively purging the old paradigms on individual and collective levels.

This is a channelled sound meditation that I have created to activate and soothe the heart... it not a studio production, just one that I have put together :-) My first one layering stuff and playing around. It is also a thank you to the people that have supported my sound meditations and one to one channelled sound healings this year <3

Channelled and produced by Faye Bradbury, Laughing Heart Sounds.

F crystal heart bowl
C crystal Base bowl
Water chimes
Channelled vocals
Cicades and birdsong recorded in Aotearoa in March 2019
Sparrow song and church bells recorded in Malta in June 2019

Faye holds healing sound baths for groups. Contact her if you would like her to do a private group session for you or to come to your hall to hold a regular sound bath. She runs regular ones from Clear Space Studios in Hereford, UK.
She also works 1;1 with sound healing sessions and shamanic healing.
She is also available for 1:1 and group online live sessions

Please do subscribe to my channel if it resonates with you as I will be utilising it more and creating things for you to support you through these times. <3

Warming up before the Channelled healing Sound Meditation on 10th Feb 2019.  The acoustics in the studio in Hereford are amazing.  This was an Ancestral voice being channelled through me.  The energies that night were fantastic. 
Channelled Healing Sound meditation 

Clear Space Studios Sound Meditation April 2019

Sound healing session with channelled vocals and the shruti box. The person being channelled was an Eastern Indian man dressed in an orange shirt and white skirt. He was old, hence the shakiness of the voice on occasion. Then he got really strong at one point.  It was primarily sounding for the voice chakra, the throat.  AYE.   The feeling of him singing through me was sublime, peaceful and joyful at the same time. I am not very adept with making videos so please forgive the way none of it blends together. Am going to go and get someone to teach me!

Channelled fun in a church. Faye on vocals and flute and Steve Cloudsong on hand pan. We were in there playing around for hours. Lush it was! Lol. The video is of a recent trip of mine to the magnificent Aotearoa

Drum Journey
On this winter day, on the 4th day of the new 3 vibration year of 2019. This is a video, not a photo, full of the energies of the ancient land and trees that live from her, of the ancient energies of the oak tree I was sat upon... Sitting on the ancient old oak gazing out towards more ancient old oaks and chestnut trees, feeling cocooned, held, as I drum to journey on the energy and the embrace, on the heart beat and the breath of these old wise tall standing ones. Breathe. Travel to realms unseen even if for some moments. Blessed are we, the artists, the poets, the dancers, the healers, the musicians, we dance with joy for the work we do. Please ask permission if you wish to share or use this. Thank you. Love xx

First ever combo of flute and voice.
Flute made by Phil Hutton of Red Kite Flutes. Beautiful G# yew flute. So, this was my first ever mess around with my voice and Native American style flute made by our lovely Phil Hutton, friend and missed. I did this in February. It is utterly imperfect; there are a couple of mistakes that have me wincing...big time... lol; and took me a lot of courage to make public... but maybe by exposing my flaws it will assist others to just go for the things that make their hearts sing... imperfect or not. Be gentle! Be bold. Be your authentic selves. Be love

'Stand up to the power of the mountain' was bought to my drum circle in May 2018, by a beautiful soul, Lewis.  We sounded like angels singing it, so I recorded it for the people that did not make circle that month to learn if they were so inclined in readiness for our future circles.  I believe the song comes from the Rainbow Gatherings.  It is really lovely.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.