Faye Bradbury 
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Native American Style Flute Workshop & Healing,

 Meditation day 

Sunday 25th February 2018

10:00 - 15:30

Aspen House (Stable Cottage), Hoarwithy, Nr Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR2 6QP

Following on from Part 1, the Basics, this is the second part of my flute workshops, so it is for beginners wishing to learn more.  Music is very healing and I can guarantee laughter, relaxation, some healing and walking away with a sense of satisfaction.

So, do you love the sound of the Native North American flute?

Do you wish you could play one but think that you couldn't so just wistfully dream of it?

Do you think you can not make even one note on the recorder or tin whistle or flute? Or you can now make some small tunes up but would like to progress more?

How about if I told you that just about everybody and anybody CAN play the Native North American style flute?

This is a workshop where you can come along and learn to make the flute sing for you. I will teach you how to hold it, where to put your fingers, how to blow into it (yes, it makes a big difference), breathing techniques (vitally important), and how to make a simple tune. We will practice making some tunes following finger scores and then start to make our own tunes.

This flute is played from the heart. No scripted musical scores to follow, although it can be helpful to follow finger charts when learning. No complications. Just played by instinct and from your heart, so you make up your own tunes.

Included in the day will be meditations, flute and drum healing and journeying and one-to-one moments. Water, tea, coffee, dark chocolate and biscuits will also be included.

The investment for the day will be £55. Payment via Family & Friends PayPal please to [email protected] Non-refundable deposit of £25 to secure your place   ♥ Please let me know that you have paid.

I will have Red Kite Flutes here that you may practice on and they will also be for sale. If you have a drum, bring it along as we could also have a drum session. Limited numbers, so first come, first served sort of thing :-). I will be running these on a regular basis and possibly coming down into South Wales if there is enough demand and popular ♥

BRING: mat, warm blanket to wrap yourself up in love, pillow, a flute if you have one, a drum if you have one and lunch. Please let me know if you are gluten free or lactose free. Thank you ♥


You are able to make your investment directly below via PayPal.