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PART 1 - Learning about the chakras and our energy system - Online Group workshop

Mon 26 Sep 2022 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM BST

Online, Zoom: recording of the session is available for purchase

I invite you to come and learn about the ancient energy systems in our bodies, the chakras and how they correlate to our physical and emotional bodies and how they may affect our systems in physical and emotional ways.

This workshop is either a standalone or a precursor for you if you wish to come to the workshop to learn how to use your voice to rebalance, recalibrate and clear your energy centres and aura. Your voice is a power healing tool. It carries the resonance of your soul in its vibration. When you use it to give yourself healing or to rebalance yourself and your energy centre or chakras, you are giving yourself from a soul level permission to heal or rebalance. It is probably one of our most powerful self help tools we possess.

We will also talk about opening your hand energy points to allow the universal energy to flow and then we will talk about the chakras and what they are and what they correlate to physically and emotionally.

This is a fun and interactive workshop where you walk away with vital tools to help yourself in everyday life.

Duration: 1 hour maybe more depending upon questions etc.

Where: From the comfort of your own home. Online via Skype

How much: £11 


Purchases are final.

Who is it for: Everyone!

The Vocal Energy Rebalancing Workshop is on Tuesday 4th October - please book for it on its event booking page. 

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