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Sound Your Soul - Vocal Freedom Workshop

If there is one workshop that i recommend you attend this year, it is Faye's Sound Your Soul. It changed my life! 


These are ongoing throughout the year and I am putting on a retreat later in the year. Please indicate your interest by contacting me

Just imagine 10+ beautiful people sounding their authentic selves, their soul blueprints... together... that gives me goosebumps! Think of the power behind that, the freedom, the expression, the joy. Oh the joy!

Fancy creating it? Let's do this!  

Sound is a powerful form of healing and clearing. We are all vibration and the voice has been proven to be the most powerful form of vibrational healing around, especially using your own voice on yourself. Our voice is the blueprint of our souls. Come and discover, unlock and reveal your true blueprint. Make friends with your voice. Grow in confidence. Empowering you to use your authentic voice confidently. This is a transformative and deeply healing workshop/retreat.

You do not have to have any kind of ability to do anything to come along to this workshop! Just come and have fun learning to free your voice to hear your soul's vibration!

"One of the best workshops I attended in 2019 was Faye Bradbury's 'Sound your Soul & Liberate your Authentic Self' workshop. I would highly recommend Faye as a practitioner & this workshop to anyone wanting to experience the powerful healing benefits of sound. Faye is an expert in this field & has a fun teaching style." Emily "


This is one of Faye's favourite workshops that she runs. It is time to step outside of our comfort zones to dream big and start to express our desires and ourselves. This starts with the ability to actually express ourselves confidently ... not only vocally to others but also to ourselves, with ourselves.

Fun and interactive but also deep, intense and healing, in this workshop Faye will guide you, hold space and help you to find your blueprint. You will leave feeling empowered, excited, uplifted and more confident in using your voice both in everyday life and also as a healing instrument for your selves.

I attended the Vocal Workshop on Sunday 20/1 and it was amazing and spectacular all in one. Enabling me to find my inner ‘howl’ and rip away the lack of self confidence within. My throat chakra opened well and truly. A most empowering session with support and love throughout. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone.♥


Many of us experience some levels of reticence or blockages around our throat chakra and expressing our needs or ourselves can cause consternation, hesitation or complete closure of our throats. Many people struggle to hear their voices back in a recording or on a video. It is one of the deepest levels of self-acceptance (accepting yourself in its entirety on video is another). It takes many people that come to this workshop a lot of courage to even get in their car to drive to it, but, without exception, every single person that took their courage in their hands and made the journey, made a courageous, self-empowering step into future freedom. Many had significant physical shifts in their lives and all had internal shifts. ♥

By the end of the day you will: 

*Hear the joy of your soul's vibration through your voice

*Open up your throat chakra

*Gain immeasurable confidence in using your voice, which will transfer into day to day life

*Make friends with your voice

*Boost your self esteem.

*Learn how to be silly without judgement of yourself

*Show you how to have fun with your voice

*Use voice and movement to shake off those shackles and restraints a lot of us have around our vocal chords and expression.

*You will be encouraged to express yourselves freely, wildly and marvellously!

*And to channel whatever comes through to you without thinking about it

*You will leave smiling, feeling uplifted and liberated ♥

There will be a sound journey in some form to help you to relax and connect to your inner voices.

Sound is a powerful form of healing and clearing. We are all vibration and the voice has been proven to be the most powerful form of vibrational healing around, especially using your own voice on yourself.

Please book and pay in advance. Thank you

EXCHANGE for the workshop is: £75. Concessions please speak to me . Please write SYS on your payment. ♥

Please pay as FRIENDS and FAMILY when paying via the ticket link. Thank you ♥

*If anyone would like to donate a place or contribute to a place for someone that cannot afford to come but needs to come, thank you ♥


£40 is non refundable of the £75 session

Cancellation of 7 days and less - full fees will be retained unless you are able to sell your ticket


*Shared lunch, please bring one thing with you to share.

*Please bring something to lie on, a notebook and pen, blanket and pillow as we will be doing meditation and sound journey in some form.

*Warm socks and warm jumper


I am Faye Bradbury, a Sound Therapist and Eco-Shamanic Practitioner and have been using my voice as a healing instrument for a number of years. I had problems with feeling unheard and expressing my authenticity vocally, like many women, and I was also scared to speak out or indeed in front of an audience... for me to be singing in front of complete strangers took me an enormous leap of faith and courage, I now trust my work completely so keep channelling singing and doing what I do. I would now like to share some of this to help other women and men hear their own souls and to become more confident in expressing themselves authentically and vocally.

I offer one on one channelled sound healing sessions and group channelled healing sound meditations, where I channel voices of the Ancestors, Galactic beings and the Seraphim collective and activate you. I have been channelling these voices all my life ♥

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