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entrance to Hagar qim temple


Maltese Temple Quest

Summer Solstice 2024

A 5 Night, Guided Residential Exploration & Experience of the Maltese Temple Sites


18TH JUNE - 23RD JUNE 2024

Your guides are Faye Bradbury and Clare Annaly

Your chauffer is Ollie Annaly

We have just 3/4 spaces remaining!

See Ancient Malta The Non-Tourist Way

Be introduced to these Maltese Temple sites, some dating back officially to 4500bc. These ancient Temples, their builders and ancient deities are waiting for those who are called to them.


More and more people are helping these Temples to become alive again, come and join us, Clare Annaly and Faye Bradbury in a full 5 days of exploration, deep dives into the energies and activations at these completely under-rated, magical sites. This is the Quest!


The time is now right to bring more people and we will introduce you to some of these enigmatic sites.


This is an invitation to align with the ancient beings and guardians of this land and these sites.


This way of 'Maleth' (the oldest known name for Malta from the Phoenician period) is not comparable with traditional pagan or wiccan ritual. Rather it is based on pure energy, psychic awareness, sound vibrations and harmony and a powerful reverence of feminine energies.


The Temple builders also used a unique healing system that has been completely lost over the centuries but was shown to Clare after the summer Solstice at L-Imnajdra which she will be sharing.

Become Aligned To The Temple Energies

On this 5 day and night residential Quest set on the Islands of Malta, you will be invited to explore and experience:

* The Temples 

* The Temple Guardians & Energy  

* Activations 

* Soundwork 

We will have:

* Special tickets to the Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra Temples for the Summer Solstice 

* Special access to the Oracle Room in Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum
Experience Feel, Hear, See


There will be:


*Meditations to connect with each Temple


*Sounding and activations at each Temple


*Energy explorations


*Sharing channelled stone and star healing system


*Connecting exercises to the ancient, original divine feminine energies


*Light language activations


*Summer Solstice celebration at L-Imnajdra coastal Temple site followed by visit to nearby Ħaġar Qim


* Private viewing of the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum (exciting!)


*Free time to give you personal space and journalling time


*1 Shamanic sound bath (evening)


*Pre-bookable channelled sound medicine and /or energy healing sessions available at an extra cost. 



The Temples

Our Itinerary includes the following ancient Temple Sites


* Ħal Tarxien

* Ġgantija Temple

* Ħaġar Qim

* L-Imnajdra

* Ta’ Ħaġrat & Skorba

* Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum

* Għar Dalam (cave)

* Borġ in-Nadur 


Are You Interested?  Yes? Then please visit our dedicated website for this extraordinary trip:

Temple entrance on Malta
Skorba the oldest temple on Malta
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