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Absolutely beautiful being. Enjoyed every moment of my reading, which was filled with love, inspiration, blessings and healing. Thank you Faye x

Kim Jones recommends Faye

Faye was born with the gift of knowing, seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing and communicating with spirit, plants, trees, animals, bugs, in fact, all sentient beings and as a healing channel. She has many years of professional experience in her work and a few lifetimes of it too.

She is a fully qualified, highly experienced Sound Healing Practitioner, Eco-Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal Activation Sound Practitioner, Master Medicine Drum Maker, retreat & workshop facilitator, clairvoyant, Direct Source medium, trance and physical healing and medium channel, spiritual healer, Reiki Master & teacher, and more. She is an empathic mirror, catalyst and a physical transmuter (shit shifter lol)

Faye trained as a Registered General Nurse in 1989 -1992 but had to then leave the profession as she had displaced her L4 and L5 vertebrae at the end of her first year and was in too much pain to continue. She then went over to Italy for a three month nannying job and ended up staying there for the next 6 and a half years doing various jobs including teaching English as a foreign language and one of her young students art homework.. a piece of which hangs in his school to this day!

In 1998 Faye suffered severe head injuries after having a near fatal RTA on a moped in Rome. She was then forced to return to the UK due to the severity of her injuries and was unable to work for 4 years but utilised the time going back to college. In the subsequent years she has had long periods of times where her body has failed her on different levels and because of this, she possesses a deep understanding and compassion for suffering on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Humorous, compassionate, practical and highly skilled, Faye holds sacred space in everything she does, creating a safe and nurturing space to be in but also with plenty of humour. She is part earthy ‘medicine’ woman and part higher realms, often bringing through her vocals, light languages, connecting both ‘heaven’ and earth in all her work and part irreverent and nutty - especially when she and certain people get together… the mischievous kids emerge 😉

Faye works with the human, animal and plant kingdoms. She loves chickens and has worked some with horses and a lot with dogs, cats and fish. She never stops rescuing insects, bees, caterpillars and anything else that seems like it needs a helping hand to survive or get on.

Her treatments are an intense, channelled weaving of many disciplines giving the people/animals in front of her exactly what they need at the time and it always includes sound and vibration in some form as well as the loudest and most powerful sound of all… silence and afterwards, bringing in somewhere, the vibration of laughter and your own voices… some of the most powerful forms of healing.

She believes in empowering people and making them laugh and especially loves helping empower people to find and embrace their voices through vocal freedom workshops which are deeply cathartic and freeing. She also runs drum and singing/chanting circles which Spirit get very over excited and enthusiastic about and it all gets very high energy with plenty of laughter at the songs that suddenly pop in… it is impossible for Faye to remain serious during these fun sessions.

Faye is also a master medicine tool maker... hand held medicine or shamanic drums, rattles, smudge fans and so on. An artist and writer. She runs medicine drum making retreats, free your voice retreats & workshops and regularly runs various other workshops and retreats in different locations. See her happenings pages and check back regularly for updates or ask to be added to her mailing list.

She offers 1:1 and group healing sessions near Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, as well as monthly Sound and Gong Healing Journeys and drum circles in various locations including Monmouth and Hereford and soon to come, near Ross on Wye. She also offers online sessions

Faye is available for ‘hire’ if you wish to have private sound healing sessions as a group or individual or if you would like her to come into your school, care home, work etc. Or to do medicine walks with her or get her to work on your animals… She once got a goldfish to start communicating with her. After 8 days together it was dancing with her when she was getting ready to go out clubbing… if only she had video proof… 😉 It also pretended it was suffocating to try to get her to change its water (even though it was clean) but that’s another story for another time 😉

She is also available to collaborate with and regularly works with other practitioners, including yogis, facilitating and participating in running retreats and workshops, regular women’s sound and drum circles, so please do contact her directly if you are interested in creating something wonderful together here and abroad ♥


And for other links to pages and bandcamp channelled music and sound and gong journey dates etc:  where you may also subscribe with your email.

Faye is also committed to assisting individuals in and through their transitions in this time of Ascension. She offers spiritual development, guidance and practical help for those that are awakening within themselves and seeking to expand their spiritual sides..

If you are unable to afford treatment or a reading, Faye will also work on a mutual exchange basis if and where possible. Please discuss with her. There is NO OBLIGATION to book her once you have had a chat, it is important that you feel comfortable with her and if you do not, or are unsure, then it is preferable that you go away and think about it please, thereby honouring yourself and your own needs. You are making a commitment to yourself and to Faye when entering into an energy contract with her. It is important that you honour this and are ready to continue doing your own reflective work on yourself post treatment 🥰 

Faye has extensive and varied life experiences and has done wide ranging and comprehensive training in many disciplines enabling her to bring deep understanding, compassion, humour and skill to her therapies and workshops and retreats. She holds a safe space enabling and empowering you to delve as deeply or as little into yourselves as you feel comfortable.

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