Faye Bradbury 
        Laughing Heart Enterprises

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Faye Bradbury
Well Being Facilitator
Empowering you across all levels of well being - mental - emotional - spiritual - physical

Multi-faceted, Faye Bradbury offers something powerful and transformative for everyone. 
Faye has extensive life experiences and has done extensive training enabling her to bring deep understanding, compassion, humour and skill to her therapies and workshops and retreats.  She holds a safe space enabling and empowering you to delve as deeply or as little into yourselves as you feel comfortable.  Perhaps you need to feel nurtured and she will do that perhaps through relaxing massage and touch therapies, sound and listening, holding you in respect and a compassionate safe space.  

*If you are ready to make a commitment to yourself and to your well being.  Dedicated to helping you feel optimum on all levels, with open and honest communication, you and Faye will design your Wellness Package and Contract in your first consultation.  It is called a Contract as this is your promise, your gift to yourself, your contract with yourself.  This will be reviewed regularly with you.  Your commitment to your process is encouraged strongly.  

*If you are looking for stand alone one to one sessions to explore your well being on all levels or for relaxation

*If you are corporate or a group of people and looking for someone to deliver sessions or retreats on well being, mindful health, connections to nature, oneself and ones communication

*If you are a yoga teacher or someone running a workshop or retreat that would like a vocal channel to come and deliver sound through quiet vocals, drums, Native North American style flute, percussion and crystal bowl

*If you are running a retreat, workshop or festival and would like to collaborate

Contact me today.  Let's talk! 
I will travel Worldwide if conditions are right


                                        Be all that you can be.  Shine your light brightly and others will know that they can follow suit.                                                                                                                                                        Faye Bradbury 07.01.2017