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Nurture & Nourish Retreat Day


Saturday March 2nd 2024



Barefoot & Bower, Judges Lane, GL17 0NN

GoogleMaps: 51.89563773081276, -2.4172668179760426

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I invite you to come and let us help you to nurture and nourish yourself on this day retreat as we start stirring from the depths of winter and let us hold you in a space of gentleness, sharing, laughter, movement, relaxation, invigoration, learning how to nourish your body and soul at this time of year through various methods including the use of current plants and herbs as they start to pop up in nature. Using your voice and movement to clear your energy fields. Using the elements and nature as guides and allies for nuturing and understanding and more.




















* Sacred meditation/sound immersion to start the day and help you to connect to to the space we will be in.
* Gentle movement and shamanic sounding to move emotion through your body, to clear your energy fields and to stimulate any stagnant energy.
* Journeying with Faye's medicine drum into a deep exploration into yourself. We will set intentions on the day.
* Exploring silence, quietude, stillness, the sounds of nature as nourishment, deep relaxation and finding peace within.
* Laughter and humour as a medicine for the soul 

* Tea ritual and blending your own tea with Clo's Roots and Rituals

* Sun energy alignment ceremony with Clare Annaly

* Possible medicine walk in the woods depending upon time and weather.                                                                                                             

* Nourishing seasonal vegan soup and bread and cheese for lunch

* We will teach you about which plants are nourishing for your body as we emerge from winter.

* Additional evening sacred drumming and song circle if you wish to come to that.

Faye works with your guides, nature spirits and more, so there will be fluidity and nothing will be set in stone!

We will journey together throughout the day, in community and connectivity celebrating the stirrings of new life around us. Honouring nature, the earth, the collective, each other. Remembering our humanity. Remembering what it means to be a light worker, a light bearer, a compassionate human being. Reawakening, rejuvenating, re-emerging, nurtured and nourished and with some extra tools to continue to nurture and nourish yourselves and your families and friends.


We will be joined by Clo's Roots and Rituals who invites you to join her in a nourishing tea ritual. Exploring how the chosen plants for this blend support our physical & spiritual bodies here, with their medicinal & magical properties. Delving into cyclical nourishment for this season, with these homegrown, foraged & ethically sourced herbal kin. Together we will create your own personally supportive loose leaf tea blends to take away with you, full of intention & blessings from the space held together.

We are also joined by Clare Annaly. Clare is a devotee of the Ancient Egyptian deities and has an Egyptian ritual group who meets every 4 to 6 weeks. She is offering a sun energy alignment for you to receive the blessings of Ra, the Sun God. This is a practice you will be able to incorporate into your morning rituals.

From 18:30pm to 21:00 Faye will also be holding a sacred drum and song circle at the same venue. You have the opportunity to buy an additional ticket to this at a discounted price. You may leave your things in the yurt but we encourage you to leave the site in the 2 hours in between sessions as we will need to prepare for the evening. It will give you an opportunity to refresh and go and eat something off site. It is not far from Newent, Ross or Gloucester or some places in the Forest of Dean and the May HIll is literally a couple of miles away so you could pack a picnic and take a walk up this iconic and powerful hill for an hour and a half, countinuing your nourishment



The most perfect space in which to gather, the Temple Yurt and lakes and woodlands at Barefoot & Bower at the bottom of the May Hill on the Gloucestershire/Herefordshire borders, in between Huntley and Lea on the Ross - Gloucester road. It is in the middle of the woods, next to a lake in a beautiful yurt complete with log burner. Outside there is a firepit where we can have a fire ceremony, if the weather permits it. It is down a country lane, and a woodland track.


The site is best found by following the postcode to the local pub, the Glass House Inn, GL17 0NN and the best way to get there from Monmouth area or Hereford or Ross is get onto the A40 at Ross, then follow the A40 to just after Box Bush and turn on to Saunders Close which is east of Lea and Box Bush and west of Huntley if coming from Gloucester way and follow up over the hill and down the other side to the Glass House Inn where you will pick up the brown and white “Into the Woods” signs. It is the 2nd right after the pub and go down that road a few hundred metres. Keep an eye out for the bear at the entrance which you will find on your left hand side. Come in the gate (closing it behind you) and follow the track deep into the woods. The wooden gate is the last to open before heading to our car park. From there everything is signposted. Pleas eensure that you check this location out on your google maps before coming as it will be dark when you come! Reception for phones is not great there.

For the day retreat:
Warm snuggly blanket, warm clothes, raincoat if raining, sensible shoes and warm socks. A small vegan, gluten free sweet snack or pudding or fruit to share. Notebook and pen in case you want to jot anything down that comes to you. An offering for the altar.

For the sacred drum and song circle: Drum, rattle (can be made with a bottle and some rice) any musical instrument. I may have a spare drum or two. Torch. Candle. An offering for the altar. Warm clothes.

09:45 - 16:30 for the day retreat
18:30 -21:00 for the evening

Please go to

* Full exchange for the day retreat, including lunch, tea, coffee, water and tea ceremony plus gift of a tea blend to take with you is £70/£65/£60.

* Sacred drum and song circle in the evening is discounted to £15 if joining us for the day.

* Sacred Drum & Song Circle only is £25/£20


I am a medicine woman all my life, a transmuter, a vocal soul song medicine and healing channel, a sound medicine practitioner and channel, medicine drum and tools creator, retreat and workshop facilitator, seer, transmuter, artist, writer. I work with everything; animals, people, plants, trees, the natural world, other worldly stuff, etc. I offer 1:1 work, group work, online and in person, sound and gong baths, drum and song circles and more.

I am also a humanitarian and an animist and I will always speak up and fight against oppression, bullying, inequality, cruelty and so on. I cannot keep quiet. I have never been able to. I get quite enraged about white colonial aggression, oppression and political bullshit so that is when I disappear with my drum up the woods or up a hill somewhere to vent and often have a bit of a cry ;-)

STICE 2024
My lovely friend Clare Annaly and I are taking a group to the Maltese Temples for 5 nights and days over this year's summer s
olstice. It is going to be a very healing and exhilerating trip. We only have 3/4 spaces remaining, so please do check out our website. Please get in
touch with me asap if you are interested and we can have an informal chat about it. The website is


I’m Clo, a folk herbalist from the Forest of Dean. I create & share vegan herbal offerings for your self care rituals. I also offer natural support, womb healing & cyclical living guidance. I am a lover of the old sacred ways, ancient care practices, ‘alternative medicine’ & working with the seasons of our inner & outer terrains.

My experience & passion lies in women’s sacred journeys & health. This in essence is what I love to share & create with you. Paying attention to your bodies signals, honouring your divine womb space, finding a pattern & flow that works for you. Guiding sisters to connect on a deeper level & form a meaningful relationship with their inner seasons, archetypes, cyclical wisdom & all of the amazing transformations that we go through during life’s ups & downs. From menarche to menopause, changing the narrative for your own healing journey & wellness.


Clare has been interested in and part of various pagan/wiccan groups on and off for many years. She is, though, primarily connected to and interested in Kemeticism and is a devotee of the Ancient Egyptian deities. She has an Egyptian ritual group that meets every 4 to 6 weeks. She lives in the Forest with her beautiful dog. She and Faye also sing together with a Native North American style singing team here in the UK. This has been endorsed by various NNA people and elders who regularly come over each November to join one of our Pow Wows.

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