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Direct Source Mediumship & Clairvoyant Readings 

Hi Faye, I just wanted to say Thank you VERY MUCH for your guidance & healing that you gave me in C & V college Friday night . For the first time in a very long time I feel like "me" again. Everything I needed you provided & the "fog" and self doubt has disappeared. You have a beautiful soul & it was a real pleasure to meet you. Sending you love & light on your continued journey xxx"

Cherise recommends Faye Bradbury

I am what is called a Direct Source Medium and Clairvoyant... that is I connect directly with Source, God, Creator and am able to give you a compassionate reading full of love, advice, guidance and reassurance. I will also work with your energy. I can link in with your passed ones, your guides, animal guides, the fae, the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters and Star Beings, The Galactic Federation or Source. It depends on what you need and who, or indeed what, comes through for you. None of this is an exact science, Faye tells you what is given to her. Your free will is involved post reading.

During a reading, I will ask to connect with you physically by holding your hands (unless gvmt guidelines say no touching). This is so that Spirit can channel healing for you during the reading. If you are uncomfortable with this then please say you would prefer not to.

In addition to the channelled reading, what you will get from me during your reading is professionalism, compassion, love, channelled healing, advice, guidance, honesty and often some humour. If I do not get anything, I will say so.

I was born with the gift of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing and have a strong connection to the Spirit Realms. I am an empath which heightens my connections to all living things.

"Faye gave me a beautiful reading over Skype. It worked really well, and I have recommended her to a friend already on the strength of her reading. I had been guided to Faye, and as usual they didn't disappoint. Faye got right to the 'heart of the matter' and did so with compassion, and from a source connection which was shown to me during the reading. She's the real deal! Thanks Faye, and all concerned." Steve Ellis said on Aug 29, 2014

Steve Ellis recommends Faye Bradbury

Readings can be done either face to face in your own home, via Skype, phone or at one of the events I will be attending . It is possible to pre-book a slot at an event and book a Skype or telephone reading for either half an hour or 50 minutes.


Come to me in Hoarwithy, Herefordshire:

  • Half hour £35.
  • 50 minutes £50.
  • Hour £60.
  • Hour and a half £80  

Groups of 4 people or more: half hour readings in your own home at £28pp or 50 mins at £40pp (plus diesel costs of 45p per mile)

Special offers or exchanges also done for those genuinely unable to afford a reading/healing/massage. Please call to discuss.

SKYPE and Telephone Readings up to 50 mins £45.

An hour and 15 mins is £60

SKYPE and Telephone Readings of half an hour £30

Payment taken via Direct Bank Transfer or Paypal (friends & family)

£30/£25/£20 at EVENTS for approx half an hour .. please contact me to advance book a slot (see events page) 

Group bookings/Party bookings taken

Readings are for entertainment purposes only, they in no way replace medical or legal advice

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