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REIKI LEVEL 1 Initiations

On demand and next date is

10th and 11th March followed by a day approximately 22 days later

One day for teaching, a second day for the initiation followed by a Reiki Share/meet up for questions, answers and support and to give you your certificate approximately 22 days after, thereafter we will have monthly healing & Reiki shares wherever possible.

Hoarwithy, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire 

Reiki is a system of natural healing which has been in use for many thousands of years. Rei-Ki means spiritual energy or universal life-force energy.

At an atomic level everything which exists in the Universe is made up of energy vibrating at different rates. Humans are comprised of electromagnetic energy and in healing Reiki acts holistically, affecting all the energies comprising the human body, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Reiki is non-invasive and has been shown to effectively stimulate the relaxation response.

Reiki treatments involve you lying or sitting comfortably, fully clothed and covered with a nice blanket and just relaxing whilst the Practitioner will channel the Reiki to you by placing her/his hands on areas of your body (always non-invasive) or hovering her/his hands above your body.

Reiki Level 1 is the first step on the road to accessing your natural healing channel.  It can be used for your own personal development, self healing and for your family and friends with their consent.  It consists of a beautiful day of understanding energy, source energy, reiki energy, yourselves and your innate ability to open up to the Universal Healing Energy.  I will teach you about Reiki and where it came from, about how to use it, where to place your hands.  I will attune you using the Reiki symbols and teach you about the one you will use in Reiki 1.  

The first day will be followed by a second day to do the actual attunement and then followed by a meet up approx 22 days later for the practice, questions and answers, after which you will be presented with your Reiki Level 1 certificate. I will then set up monthly Reiki shares as and when is convenient to us all. ♥

Investment for the 2 days, including manuals, attunements, teaching, refreshments is £150.  For the third meet up I ask for  £35 to cover costs of the studio hire and refreshments.  Thank you.  Please speak to me about paying in instalments and about concession spaces.

Tea and coffee, water, dark chocolate will be provided.  Please bring a warm blanket with you, your lunch and wear comfortable clothing.  You will also be provided with a comprehensive manual at the end of the first day to keep.  

You are able to make your investment directly below via PayPal.  



Reiki II Initiations

Friday 6th and Saturday 7th April 2018 and one more date to be discussed

Hoarwithy, Nr Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire

10:00am start on all 3 days. All days will be full days.

Reiki II allows you to obtain insurance and give Reiki, as a Practitioner, to members of the public.

The investment is £222 for the weekend and £40 for the third day which comes sometime later. You may pay in instalments if that is helpful. Speak to me about it please and I will be as accommodating as possible.  A lunch of hearty vegetable soup and bread will be provided and all refreshments as well as your manuals and certificates.  I have concession spaces so please speak to me.

You are required to complete 4 complete case studies post attunement... i.e. 4 people x 3 treatments in order to receive your certificates on the third day (the date of which we will discuss together).

You are requested to email me each complete case study as you complete them please.

In between the completion of your case studies and the third day, I hope to be able to schedule in a fayre where we can go and work together on the public. 

I ask that you try to commit to at least 2 fayres with me post attunement over the course of a year as this will build your confidence and competence and allow me to support you fully.  

There are also monthly Reiki & Healing shares designed to support you and other Healer Practitioners that you are encouraged to frequent for your own well being.